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At GermanShepherdTrainingInfo, We strive to provide the best informational content on German Shepherd pets, including but not limited to their training, breed facts, living style, and much more. German Shepherd is a great dog breed to keep as a pet. They are smart, loyal, courageous, and have excellent guarding instincts. Did I tell you they are one of the goofiest ones?

Hi! I am Manpreet Singh, an engineer/tutor/animal rights activist hailing from Punjab, India. Since childhood, I was fond of animals. I got my first german shepherd when I was 10 years of age. His name was ‘Tyson’. I swear, I was so astonished and fascinated by the intelligence of the breed, that I straight away fell in the love with the breed.

If raised right, you will have a really socializing and friendly pet. Let me clear a point, German Shepherd is not at all fierce. Well, they might look like one. It all depends on how you take care of their lifestyle. Keeping them chained and treating them just like guard dogs will actually make them one. We will discuss it later in one of our posts. However, if raised right, they can completely change your life for good.

And..Did I tell you they are derpiest ones? Don’t believe me? Here’s what my tyson is upto..

I am 27 years old and have 15+ years of experience in keeping German Shepherd as a pet. In all, To date, I kept three german shepherds. All named ‘Tyson’. However, That doesn’t mean I don’t care about other dogs and animals. I shelter several stray dogs as well at my home.

Although the main focus of this site is German Shepherd breed I will try my best to include other similar breeds as well. The site will mostly include the non-health-related info. Article related health will either be reviewed by an expert in the field or written by a licensed Vet. While you are here, you can read site’s privacy policy and disclaimer. If you have any queries, drop it in our contact form.

Meanwhile, Here are some more cool pics of Tyson…